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Well Being and Mental Health

Everyday life can be hectic for today’s children. They’re under more pressure than ever at school, and many also have a busy extracurricular schedule of sportsmusic lessons, clubs and playdates. And while some thrive on busyness, others find it harder to handle: a recent study found that children as young as six are suffering from stress.


As an antidote to this non-stop, high pressure lifestyle, many schools are now teaching mindfulness. This scientifically proven form of meditation has become hugely popular amongst adults in recent years, and evidence suggests that it can also have numerous benefits for children. 


Our playground has recently been developed to offer 'alternative' experiences for children to enjoy during their playtime.  We have quiet zones, meeting areas to stimulate conversations and relationships, mud kitchen and sand pit to develop social and creative play, as well as a variety of sport equipment and activities. 

School Code of Conduct

Please see below useful links to help support families regarding mental health and well being.