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School History

Aveton Gifford School was built in 1867, in place of the old village workhouse.  The Rev William Parr Pitman was instrumental in getting the Church School built.  There were four classrooms and children sat at iron-framed wooden desks; there was also a school house for the headteacher and his family.  The original school building forms part of the present school, although an extensive half a million pound enlargement programme was carried out in 1991.  In the early days the school day started at 9am and finished at 5pm (with a two hour lunch break); parents had to pay to send their children to school.  Discipline at the school was maintained through the use of the cane!

We would like to thank the Parish Project Group for providing us with information about the history of our school.  They have produced an interesting book: 'Aveton Gifford: a heritage', which contains a section on the school's history. Further information about their work can be found by visiting the Aveton Gifford Community website at:

Head Teachers of Aveton Gifford C of E (VC) Primary School