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Pupils' Voice

"We want to achieve a Christian feel across the whole school" - Niamh - Year 6


"We make sure that we listen to the teachings of Jesus and follow the core values in everything we do" - Charlotte - Year 6

"Mrs Do as you would be done by"

"Mrs Do as you would be done by"  1

During RE when asked what Jesus did for the world and why is he important -


"Jesus is the light of the world and he lights our way through the darkness" 

Charlotte - Year 4


The children learnt about Jesus' teachings from his 'Sermon on the Mount'.  We discussed the 'Golden Rule' and the children explored the ideas involved through independent writing, art or drama.  The class used the story of Tom, and the 'Water Babies' to help them to understand that we treat each other as we hope to be treated ourselves -


"Jesus told us to do as we would be done by!  I'm Mrs Do as you would be done by!"

Eloise - Year 3







How do we know what we could do to improve our own learning?


"Our targets and talking about them with Miss Naylor" - Joss


" From the marking in our books" - Charlotte


Comments from around the school:


"I love eco-forest school workshops" - Bella


" I really like the eco-area and garden and we're lucky to have outdoor areas like ours" - Emma


" I like the freedom and responsibility we have in our school" - Joss


" I like the friendships of the teachers and the pupils" - Tom


" I like all of the art that we do here" - Charlotte


" I really enjoy the swimming pool and the swimming lessons we have" - Coral


" I enjoy the residential trips we have" - Marianne


"I really love performance poetry" - Bella


"Every Friday on the last day of term we have a sheet and we go to different activities in our house teams.  It's really cool" - Reuben


"I liked the theatre trip because it was really funny and amazing" - Isabelle