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Herons – Years 3 & 4

Space Odyssey Visit

To one small step for man, one giant leap for Herons Class...

On Friday, we had a visit from Space Odyssey. It was a very exciting afternoon! We got to go inside the space dome where we learned a lot about life on a space station, astronauts and space history. After this, we were taken on a tour of the planets and stars and looked at their sizes in relation to our sun and the earth. It was really amazing to learn that there are other stars in our galaxy which are 6 billion times larger than our own sun! Finally, we looked at the phases of the moon and some of the constellations in the night sky. So in one hour, we traveled millions of miles and made lots of discoveries along the way. 

What an exciting day at Paignton Zoo! We had a super time and got to see lots of animals, some relating to our Rainforest topic and some some extra ones too. Some of the highlights of the day were the giraffes and elephants, the rhinos, the cockroaches in the Reptile house, the red panda and, of course, the wobbly bridge (which was so much fun that we had to go on it twice)!


Thank you to the children for their great behaviour, and thank you to staff and parent helpers who supported our visit. 

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1 Which characters can you spot?
We had a really lovely day on World Book Day. Everyone came in wearing a costume to represent a favourite book character. Clearly a lot of thought and effort had gone into the children's outfits. During the day, we had a story-sharing assembly and later Herons Class read The Great Kapok Tree, which links with our Rainforest theme this term. The children listened very well and demonstrated a good understanding of the book's messages about why rainforests are important to us all. They each wrote a super book review, some of which are on display in the classroom.
What a fun week! We have learned a lot about geometric shapes through some outdoor, messy (muddy) activities. Herons Class have been naming 2D polygons, focusing particularly on quadrilaterals and triangles, and learning about the properties that these shapes have. We have created some shape art using natural materials to stain fabric, created shapes with sticks and identified symmetry in nature. These activities have also helped us to use some of our core learning skills - perseverance, collaboration, noticing and absorption to name a few!

Tidying up the school environment

Saving the world one playground at a time! This afternoon, Herons Class and Swans class went out into the school grounds to clean up the environment. In 20 minutes, we collected a big bag of rubbish - mainly plastics - from around the playground and forest school area. The children were really observant, noticing even the smallest pieces of litter. Well done everyone!

Creating comic strips

Creating comic strips 1
Creating comic strips 2
In Herons Class, we have been creating our own comic strips. We have planned out our stories collaboratively, which had to be linked to the rainforest. Then we used "Storyframethat" to bring our comics to life! We have had to drag and drop backgrounds, characters and other objects into each frame; rotate and resize objects accordingly; and add text boxes and speech bubbles. Many of the children also learned about why it is important to save your work regularly! During our lessons, we have also discussed the importance of logging off when you have been using things such as apps, email or programs such as Seesaw.
Herons Class have been taking part in Forest School with Mrs. Harding on a Monday afternoon. This term our learning has been focused around the theme of "Play" which links with our playground development. We have been developing some ideas about ways to use our outdoor space whilst enjoying the mud and fresh air! 

Spring Term Spellings (all weeks given)

Spring term overview

Spring term letter to parents

Useful information for Herons:

PE is every Wednesday - please bring your kit.

Spelling homework is set every Friday. Please complete at least 5 good quality sentences which are due in by the following Wednesday.

There is also a project-based homework linked to our topic on rainforests. You can choose how to present this! This is due in by half term.

Weekly spellings are tested on Friday morning. The common exception words are tested termly.


If you have any questions, please come and ask.


Welcome to The Herons' Class Page!

Year 4

Class teachers Mrs Becky Everitt (Mon-Tuesday) & Mrs Louise Sewell (Wednesday-Friday). 

Mrs Keren Young Learning Support Assistant.


Welcome to Heron Class - Autumn Term 2018
Our topic this term is Ancient Egyptians! 

Welcome to Heron Class - Summer Term 1 2018

Our new topic is 'Save Our Seas' with a geography/environmental focus

Our new topic is 'Save Our Seas' with a geography/environmental focus  1

Exeter Chiefs visit as part of a greater depth writing project

Writing Poetry about Plastic Pollution

20.04.18 - River Walk Clean Up

20.04.18 - River Walk Clean Up 1
20.04.18 - River Walk Clean Up 2
20.04.18 - River Walk Clean Up 3
20.04.18 - River Walk Clean Up 4
20.04.18 - River Walk Clean Up 5

Welcome to Herons! Spring Term 2018

This term our topic is 'African Adventure'. Please scroll down to see some of the learning we have been doing. 

Picture 1

The Lion King Performance!

The Lion King Performance! 1
The Lion King Performance! 2
The Lion King Performance! 3
The Lion King Performance! 4
The Lion King Performance! 5
The Lion King Performance! 6

Practising our Times Tables

Practising our Times Tables 1
Practising our Times Tables 2
Practising our Times Tables 3

Making 3D Shapes from Nets

Making 3D Shapes from Nets  1
Making 3D Shapes from Nets  2

Herons' Forest School Session

Year 4/5 Maths Investigation

Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 1
Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 2
Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 3
Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 4

Investigating Friction!

Music with Mr Wilkes!

Music with Mr Wilkes! 1
Music with Mr Wilkes! 2
Music with Mr Wilkes! 3

Rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000!

Apple Pressing!

Harvest Festival in Church

Learning about Harvest

Learning about Harvest 1 Why do Christians celebrate Harvest?
Learning about Harvest 2 Do we still celebrate if we live in cities?
Learning about Harvest 3 What are these pictures showing?
Learning about Harvest 4 Do other countries celebrate Harvest?
Learning about Harvest 5

Coding with Miss Drabwell

We have been finding 10,100 and 1000 more or less than a number!

Working across Years 2,3,4 - supporting each other with writing!

The Fibonacci Sequence - We have been learning about patterns in numbers!

PSHE - Talking about our feelings

British Values - Learning about Democracy - 'Should Goldilocks have been punished?'

Welcome back to school after the lovely summer holidays. We hope you are all refreshed and are ready for learning. We can't wait to start our new topic Kings and Queens!

Setting the butterflies free

On an African Safari at Paignton Zoo

Practising our dictionary skills

Learning about 'Time' with Key Stage 1

Learning about lines of latitude and longitude

Our Forest School afternoon with Miss Drabwell - making fire!

Learning about Victorian and contemporary toys

Herons have been learning about Victorian toys and comparing them to the toys of today. The children looked at pictures of some of toys and had to work in teams to decide whether they were authentic or modern day toys. They also looked at the materials used to make them, presenting their findings back to the rest of the class 

'Fantastic Mr Fox'

In Herons the children have started a new Literacy unit about Roald Dahl's 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.  They have been familiarising themselves with the story, using drama to get to know the characters, focusing on expression and the projection of their voices.

'Fantastic Mr Fox'!

'Fantastic Mr Fox'! 1
'Fantastic Mr Fox'! 2