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Welcome to The Herons' Class Page!

Year 3 & Year 4



Welcome to Herons! Spring Term 2018

                                  Welcome to Herons! Spring Term 2018 1

This term our topic is 'African Adventure'. Please scroll down to see some of the learning we have been doing. 

Picture 1

The Lion King Performance!

The Lion King Performance! 1
The Lion King Performance! 2
The Lion King Performance! 3
The Lion King Performance! 4
The Lion King Performance! 5
The Lion King Performance! 6

Practising our Times Tables

Practising our Times Tables 1
Practising our Times Tables 2
Practising our Times Tables 3

Making 3D Shapes from Nets

Making 3D Shapes from Nets  1
Making 3D Shapes from Nets  2

Herons' Forest School Session

Year 4/5 Maths Investigation

Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 1
Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 2
Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 3
Year 4/5 Maths Investigation 4

Investigating Friction!

Music with Mr Wilkes!

Music with Mr Wilkes! 1
Music with Mr Wilkes! 2
Music with Mr Wilkes! 3

Rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000!

Apple Pressing!

Harvest Festival in Church

Learning about Harvest

Learning about Harvest 1 Why do Christians celebrate Harvest?
Learning about Harvest 2 Do we still celebrate if we live in cities?
Learning about Harvest 3 What are these pictures showing?
Learning about Harvest 4 Do other countries celebrate Harvest?
Learning about Harvest 5

Coding with Miss Drabwell

We have been finding 10,100 and 1000 more or less than a number!

Working across Years 2,3,4 - supporting each other with writing!

The Fibonacci Sequence - We have been learning about patterns in numbers!

PSHE - Talking about our feelings

British Values - Learning about Democracy - 'Should Goldilocks have been punished?'

Welcome back to school after the lovely summer holidays. We hope you are all refreshed and are ready for learning. We can't wait to start our new topic Kings and Queens!

Setting the butterflies free

On an African Safari at Paignton Zoo

Practising our dictionary skills

Learning about 'Time' with Key Stage 1

Learning about lines of latitude and longitude

Our Forest School afternoon with Miss Drabwell - making fire!

Learning about Victorian and contemporary toys

Herons have been learning about Victorian toys and comparing them to the toys of today. The children looked at pictures of some of toys and had to work in teams to decide whether they were authentic or modern day toys. They also looked at the materials used to make them, presenting their findings back to the rest of the class 

'Fantastic Mr Fox'

In Herons the children have started a new Literacy unit about Roald Dahl's 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.  They have been familiarising themselves with the story, using drama to get to know the characters, focusing on expression and the projection of their voices.

'Fantastic Mr Fox'!

'Fantastic Mr Fox'! 1
'Fantastic Mr Fox'! 2