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Swans – Years 5 & 6


Welcome to Swans' Class, 2019-2020!

We are Year 5 and 6!



Our teacher is Miss Leo and our L.S.A's are: Mrs Cross and Miss Challis.


Google Classroom

Follow this link to our class Google Classroom.

School Closure

Our school is now closed until further notice and we will now be working virtually. We will be using an email address to communicate directly with your class teacher, ours is: 

Each week you will receive a project based topic overview of cross curricular learning opportunities to complete, this will also be uploaded here on a Monday. In addition, I will send different challenges/activities via email throughout the week. These are similar to ones we complete regularly in class. Should you have any questions or problems, please email using the address above to contact me. 

Keep coming back to check out what your friends have been up to! 

Thank you for your continued hard work.

Summer Term 2 Home Learning

Writing Challenge Week 1

The Lost Ladder


Twisting above my head the snake-like ladder curled around the air. -  was it continuous? Was it ever going to end? Who knows? Mist taking over, the mist overriding my clear sight, all I could see was the beginning of a quest, what was at the end, the end of the ladder?  With each step more and more vision was lost. I've been walking for days with nothing to see, yet though the mist and a few steps more of the ladder I'd reach my unknown destination.   


Two more steps maybe I was there, no one knows? I can't see anything at all "I just want to see something" I say to myself every day, word for word. I've been traveling for days. I'm starving. I reach into my bag to get a bite to eat. I can't find anything but an apple. It's better than nothing I  reassure myself. Biting my apple, I look up beyond the mist and see an arching tunnel above my head. It wasn't modern it was old with moss covering the beautiful stone work. It was magnificent and majestic. There was all sorts of wildlife from squealing gibbons to squawking birds. I realised the ladder had taken me to a place full of wildlife where the planet was protected and there was no pollution in sight. This was paradise.


By Arlo 

Please find our topic overviews for this term below so you can find out what we are getting up to!


Come back to look at photos of our work!

100 Books to Read Before the End of Year 6!

Mayflower Museum 


The children have visited the Mayflower Museum in Plymouth. We looked at a replica of the Mayflower, dressed up in clothes and learnt about the history of the Barbican. 

World Book Day!

CAP Workshops

We have had CAP in this week, helping us to keep ourselves safe online, with strangers and making us aware of our rights - to be safe, strong and free!

Performance Poetry

Using the poetry book, The Lost Words, for inspiration, the children have produced acrostic poems linked to nature/animals. The children have performed these poems, thinking about skills used when performing aloud. 

Tigers By Jack Mc, Jamie & Will

Tough snow white teeth, sharp as a razor, shaped like a vampire fangs,

Incredible large, muscular legs lined with honey-orange fur and jet black stripes,

Greedy for territory but leads a solitary existence

Eating meat only with its bone crunching teeth strolling on his soft paws with blood around his jaws.

Running around its territory scowling for its prey in the heat on its feet.

Strong. Stealthy. Striker. 


Wolves by Bear & Ran

Wet black nose, silver coated night ninjas 

(night howlers, hungry hunters)
"Owww" they howl to the moon

Late they hunt for food

(Night howlers, hungry hunters)

Very cold, colossal cave arctic ice eyes,

Eating rabbits in the darkness of their cave

(Night howlers, hungry hunters)

Strong, stealthy, still as a stone splashing, dashing, crashes through the under growth. 

Role Play of Invasions: 


We have been comparing the Norman and Spanish invasion of Anglo-Saxon and Maya land. The children acted out the two invasions and then discussed the similarities and differences of these. 

Role Play of Invasions

Remembrance Service

Our Trip to Burrator Reservoir!

Times Table Practice 

The year 5 pupils spent some time playing lots of different games to practice their times tables. Learning them through games makes it a lot more fun!


The year 6 pupils had the opportunity to have a surfing lesson with Discovery Surf School! We learnt how to stand on a surf board while catching waves. We also spoke about water safety while at the beach.