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Spring Term Parent Forum

We were delighted to welcome so many parents to our Parent Forum on Monday 9th February.  On this occasion the children and staff held workshops throughout the school to support parents' understanding of how maths is taught.  Parents took part in problem solving and asked many in-depth questions!


In Key Stage 2 the following areas were discussed and methods of learning demonstrated:

  • Decomposition - subtraction with borrowing
  • Multiplication and the grid method
  • Fractions
  • Co-ordinates 
  • Data handling


In Key Stage 1 the following areas were looked at:

  • Number bonds
  • Arrays to multiply and divide
  • How we use number lines
  • Simple fractions

Everyone who attended the afternoon forum agreed that it had been a great success and that they are all very much looking forward to coming to the next one.


A brief selection of parents' comments:


"Maths is so much more fun this way" - Mrs Winzer

"The fractions I understand now; I found it very helpful" - Ms Sparkes

"I think it's amazing" - Mr Harding

"I like to have more idea of how they're taught so that I can have an idea of how the children learn in school" - Mrs Sheard

I'm having a great afternoon" - Mrs Abrahall

"It's brilliant, I love it!" - Ms May