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Royal Society Partnership Grant

Dr Juliette Jackson, whose two daughters, Marianne and Maya, attend our school, and Miss Abbie Naylor, our Year 5 and 6 teacher, have been awarded a Royal Society Partnership Grant to carry out a science project at the school.  The award of £2433 includes the purchase of a weather station, barometer, tidal gauge, sun dial and material for two workshops.  Also included in the budget is a boat trip on the Salcombe / Kingsbridge Estuary for the whole school and a trip to Plymouth University for the Key Stage 2 classes.


Dr Jackson says “The sun, the moon and the weather’ is a project of global importance, inspired by the location of the school, which has a tidal road and stunning river within walking distance.  Three inter-related areas of investigation will guide the pupils into becoming budding scientists and engineers:  the water cycle; the tide; time. The project will allow the children to develop enquiring minds and to acquire practical and intellectual skills which help them to behave as scientists.  Through exciting, practical activities, pupils will explore complex science concepts”


The children and staff of the school are all absolutely delighted that Dr Jackson and Miss Naylor have been successful in securing this funding and they are all looking forward to working on the project when they return to school after the Easter holidays.