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Herons – Years 4 & 5

Welcome to Herons Class Page



Class Teachers:

Mrs Becky Everitt (Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs Nikki Wadey (Wednesday - Friday)

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Keren Young


Spring term 2

This term we will be learning:


History: The Mayflower

Geography: UK

Science: Properties of Materials continued from Spring 1.


Please ask me about my learning!

Spring Term 1

This term we will be learning about:


History - The Mayans

Geography - Human Settlements

Science - Properties of Materials


Please ask me about my learning.



Spring Term Overview Letter

Class visit to the Tamar Bridge

We had an interesting visit to the Tamar Bridge Visitors' Centre where we met an old friend - Isambard Kingdom Brunel! There was a lot of good information about the history of the bridge and how it was constructed. We also enjoyed the interactive activities such as dressing up, using the CCTV cameras and building different types of bridges. The weather wasn't great but we still managed a walk along the footpath by the side of the bridge and got outside for a bit of sketching too!

What a fantastic day! We have had a visit from Isambard Kingdom Brunel (from Blast from the Past) who told us a lot of facts and information about his life, his work and his legacy.


The children listened really well, learned a lot and had many interesting questions. Then everybody took part in a quiz about Brunel's creations - it was amazing to see how much they had all remembered and got quite competitive!


Later, the children took part in a bridge building workshop. Creations were made from paper or card but then had to be strengthened. We tested the bridges by adding trains and weights. It was a lot of fun!


After lunch, the children played a "Brunel" board game in groups. There were lots of facts to read along the way and everyone enjoyed the game. We finished the day by looking at a number of Victorian artefacts and had to write down what we thought they were used for. Much to the amusement of the adults, what the children thought was a "soup bowl" turned out to be a chamber pot! The children certainly found it interesting to discover what life was like in Victorian times.


A big thank you to Mr. Chapman for coming in and inspiring us today.

Propellers - A lesson by Oliver 17.05.19

We were really lucky to have a visit from Oliver's Dad today! He brought some propellers and a model boat to show us. This links with our learning on Isambard Kingdom Brunel that we will start next week! Oliver became the class teacher and told us all lots of information about the propellers, how they work and how the model boat was made. There were lots of interesting questions and facts! Thank you, Oliver! And thank you to Dad too!

Sketching Aveton Gifford bridge 17.05.19

On Friday, we went for a walk through Aveton Gifford so that we could sketch Aveton Gifford bridge. Our focus was to try to use the correct proportions and add detail later on. The view of the bridge was great - thank you to Mrs. Young and her super knowledge of the local area! The children's sketches were fantastic and we had a lovely morning!
Today we were engineers! Our challenge was to make a bridge to cross a river. We had to make it out of newspaper and work in teams to create the strongest bridge possible. We used prior knowledge about different arches and triangles to help us with designing ideas. Rolling, twisting and layering helped us to strengthen our designs. Later in the day, we tested their strength by placing weights on them to see which were the strongest.

Summer term curriculum overview

Summer term letter to parents