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Children's Ethos Day at Blackpool Primary School


On Thursday 15th March 4 children from our Ethos Committee went to Blackpool Primary School to participate in an Ethos day based on Easter. The children got to take part in activities such as song writing, biscuit making, Easter colouring and much more, they all really enjoyed their day. We would like to thank Blackpool for making the event happen and we look forward to the next one.


Please take a look at the pictures below.

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Year 6 Writing Enrichment Day

On 9th February 4 children from year 6 went to a Writing Enrichment workshop located at Blackpool Primary School alongside Salcombe Primary School and Newton Ferrers Primary School, the children would like to describe the day in their own words:


Amelie: 'I learned how to make my writing a lot better and a lot more interesting. I really enjoyed getting to write a story because we don't often get a chance.'


Reuben: 'It was a really good opportunity to get to greater depths.'


Peppa: 'I learned when to use colons in a piece of writing'


Izzy: 'I liked the fact it was focussing on one thing (greater depth) and that will help throughout the year.'


We would like to thank Blackpool for organising the event and allowing our pupils to come along, we look forward to attending next year!

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