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Religious Education

Miss Sophie Pitman, has a lead role in the planning and developing of RE and Collective Worship in the school.  As part of this role Miss Pitman has attended RE Hub Meetings and training with the Diocese of Exeter.

Whole School Pentecost Day 24.05.18

Today we worked in our house groups to complete four sessions. These included drama about the story of Pentecost, learning about the significance of a dove as a symbol of Pentecost through artwork, decorating biscuits as celebration of the Church’s birthday as well as developing an understanding of the ancient custom of cheese rolling. Throughout these activities, children developed their understanding of the Holy Trinity.

Making our Christingles

Autumn Term - RE 

This term, the children have been exploring each of our new Christian values:









Herons have been exploring  'justice' by reading different stories relating to the value. They read a Bible story 'The Judgement of King Soloman' and compared it to a Sikh story 'Holy Cakes'. The children then had to discuss each story and what was just and unjust in each. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Take a look at the two stories below...

Children across the school have been exploring 'peace'

Children across the school have been exploring 'peace' 1

All of the children have been learning about peace and thinking about how it doesn't just mean peace and quiet. They read 'Jesus calms the storm' and 'The story of Adam and Eve' and learnt about how we can have faith in Jesus and live in harmony with one another. The children then had some reflection time and thought about ways that they could show peace in their own lives. 


"I am peaceful when I sit down by the river"   Freya, Year 1


"I am going to help my mum do different jobs at home because this will help her" George, Year 2


"I am going to look out for younger children in the playground and help them when they have fallen out with their friends" Marika, Year 4


The children in Swans also learnt about how Jelly Babies used to be called Peace Babies as they were invented at in 1918 at the end of WW1. They discussed how each of the babies has a unique character and even though we are all very different, we can still live together in peace and harmony. 

Kingfishers and Egrets acting out Bible stories

The children across the school have been exploring 'joy' and thinking about what makes them 'joyful'.


"Joy is not a feeling it is a mindset because it is the way you think about things and your attitude to life" Izzy, Year 6


"I am going to try my best to look at situations in a different way and always be positive"  Reuben, Year 6 


"Playing on the beach makes me joyful, especially when it is a really sunny day" Oscar, Year 1


"Being with my family and friends makes me feel really joyful because they are very special to me" Skye, Year 4



Our Mosaics - symbols of Christianity

The children have worked with art teacher Mrs Lucy Gunning to prepare the designs for their mosaics and with local artist Mrs Michelle Farrand to make the mosaics.
The children in Egrets have been learning about 'Holi' which is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love".  

Cross-Curricular R.E. Day - Learning about Lent

Working together in their House groups the children have spent the day learning about a very important time of the year in the Christian Church, Lent.


In their R.E. groups they learnt about the significance of the Bible story of Jesus in the desert and what this means for Christians, whilst in their Drama groups they interpreted the story through movement and freeze frames.


The D.T. groups prepared and cooked pancakes using tea-lights and small empty cans, whilst the Geography groups looked at the Lenten traditions of other cultures.

Art work for our Christian Mosaics

Learning about St Andrew's Church

Swans and Herons learning about the 'Creation' story

Learning about "Perseverance"


In RE the children in Herons' Class have been reading the story of Noah's Ark and learning how Noah persevered to make the ark for God. They worked in teams to create their own clay models of arks and had the 'Great British Ark Off'. They had to make sure that they worked together and persevered even though it was very fiddly!
Learning Objective: To know Jesus’ teachings about perseverance and to understand how this affects Christians today.


Harvest Festival 2016 - "We are thankful for......"

How big would 'Noah's Ark' be? - R.E. with Kingfishers

Our Nativity 2015 - 'Christmas with the Aliens!'

Our Christingle Service 2015

Egrets R.E. lesson in our village church, St Andrew's

Please take a look at the pdf documents below.  The children in 'Swans' class, Years 5 and 6, have been writing play-scripts based on our school values.  The play-scripts in this section have been written about 'Forgiveness' and 'Perserverance'.
Please take a look at the pdf document below to see what Key Stage 2 have been learning about in their R.E. lessons.

Key Stage 2 R.E. - 'Faith and the Arts'

Please take a look at the two PDF documents below to see what our Year 3 and 4 class, 'Herons', have been learning about in their R.E. lessons.
The children in our Foundation class, 'Kingsfishers', have been learning about Christian celebrations.  They have enjoyed acting-out a wedding ceremony and a christening.

A 'Wedding' in Kingfishers (Year F)

A 'Wedding' in Kingfishers (Year F) 1 Here comes the bride
A 'Wedding' in Kingfishers (Year F) 2 The shy bridegroom
A 'Wedding' in Kingfishers (Year F) 3 The bride, groom and best man
A 'Wedding' in Kingfishers (Year F) 4 Nearing the end of the 'ceremony'

A 'Christening' in Kingfishers - (Year F)

Still image for this video

Our whole school Nativity 2014

The whole school Nativity is was held on 15th and 16th December in St Andrew's Church.  In preparation for our first performance, a full dress rehearsal was held in school on the Tuesday afternoon.  As well as the traditional Nativity roles we had an abundance of 'ice-elves', Christmas trees and snowmen, not to mention a whole 'host' of angels!


The school was filled with enthusiastic renditions of our favourite Christmas Carols as well as music from the well-loved Disney film, 'Frozen'.  A special mention must go to the choreography skills of Miss Amos for her routine performed to 'Rockin' around the Christmas Tree'!


The first performances were a great success, with everyone who attended, an audience of over one hundred parents, carers and family members, commenting on how brilliantly the children performed.