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Our Christian Values

'Spirituality is... a connection to God, nature, each other and the deepest parts of ourselves'

All the children at the end of the Summer Term had to vote and decide the new Christian Values for the school, they had the choice between 15 different values and decided upon these fantastic final 6: Joy, Justice, Humility, Peace, Wisdom and Hope.

The Ethos Team have been updating our marble jars with our new Christian values.

The Ethos Team have been updating our marble jars with our new Christian values. 1
The Ethos Team have been updating our marble jars with our new Christian values. 2

Our new Christian Values

Our new Christian Values 1

Our Vision:


We are a small rural school and our vision is to provide a Christian environment, which develops the children's spiritual understanding. We aim to offer pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, which facilitates the development of knowledge, skills and understanding and we aim to develop every pupil's self-esteem through promoting self-discipline so that each individual achieves his or her true potential. We aim to develop the children's creative abilities enabling them to have enquiring flexible minds and develop the children's social, moral and cultural understanding with an awareness and celebration of the multicultural world in which we live.  Ultimately we want to develop an aptitude for lifelong learning throughout the whole school community.

Our Mission Statement:


At Aveton Gifford C of E Primary School we promote a welcoming happy community based on trust and mutual respect, where all individuals feel that they are valued and belong.  We endeavour to help children achieve their full potential academically, creatively, spiritually and socially by encouraging a love of learning and the development of self-esteem, and confidence.  As a church school we embed our Christian values into everyday learning and foster a respect for other people and their beliefs.

Taking 'Responsibility' for our own behaviour

Taking 'Responsibility' for our own behaviour 1 Children from KS1 having lunch with Mrs Naldrett
Taking 'Responsibility' for our own behaviour 2 Children from KS2 having lunch with Mrs Naldrett

Every half-term a number of children from each Key Stage who have shown exemplar behaviour are selected by our Meal Time Assistants to have lunch with Mrs Naldrett.  Taking responsibility for their own behaviour is very important for our children.


"Responsibility means to look after people or things and set a really good example" -

Emma, Year 6

Church of England schools are inclusive and serve equally those who are of the Christian faith, those of other faiths and those with no faith


Our ethos is to provide a stimulating Christian environment that creates an enjoyable atmosphere of positive endeavour for all.  We believe it is the right of all children to be given access to the whole curriculum, which enables them to have high expectations and achieve high standards.


Children’s development and progress is best achieved through high expectations and the fostering of independent learning. It is the responsibility of the individual students to behave in a co-operative manner, which enables quality learning to take place. We also believe in facilitating the development of the children’s diverse potential enabling them to take their place in society.




Our School Prayer

Using our Christian values in school

Our Christian values are an integral part of our curriculum